Flight Status

Our Sunset Flight for 5/15/22 is CANCELED


  • 30% chance of showers in our area during flight period
  • Forecasts show rain near Lake Geneva at forecast time
  • Surface winds will be a steady 7-8 mph during our flight period.
  • 500′ winds, where we do the majority of our flying, will be 15-20 mph
  • 100’ winds, just above the treetops will be 12 – 18 mph


  • Momentum in ballooning is important:
    • Balloons when inflated with air and loaded with guests and fuel have the mass of a large truck: therefore, it takes a long time to slow one down.
    • Balloons do not have brakes … unless you count contact with the ground. 
    • IF we are flying at 30 mph at 500’ and descend into 8 mph on the surface, we will most likely be landing at 12-15 mph or more. A landing at that speed is a jolting and dramatic end to a flight that increases risk of injury to our guests, pilots and crew. If we suspect those landing speeds, we will cancel a flight.
    • Our pilots are trained to handle high wind landings if conditions change mid flight and the winds pick up. But we don’t launch balloons knowing that high wind landings are expected.


  • Launch and landing fields are in acceptable condition. 

You can view the raw data used for my weather forecast here: Flight Weather Briefing Data

Posted by Chief Pilot John Trione on 5/15/22 @ 11:58 am




  • “I couldn’t think of a more unique birthday gift to give to someone than a hot air balloon ride with John and his crew at the Lake Geneva Balloon Company.”

    Vicky, Debby & Susan, Waukesha
  • “The ride was breathtaking, and even though we were a little nervous at first, you set us right at ease at made it one of the most unique and awesome experiences of our lives!”

    Elizabeth & Eric (engaged on board!)
  • “Thanks for everything in making our 1st balloon ride a great success. We couldn’t have chosen a better pilot & crew for our 1st flight!!”

    Luanne & Dan, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania