Today’s Flight Status

FLIGHT STATUS FOR TODAY: Our Sunrise Flight for 7/4/21 is CANCELLED.

  • Breezy conditions already this morning with many reporting stations already reporting 6-7 mph winds, usually on a good morning for flight, most reporting stations are at “calm.”
  • 500′ winds being around 20+ mph.
  • The surface winds will pick up shortly after sunrise this morning.
  • Wind speeds at our flight altitude will be in the 10- 15 mph range.
  • Hot air balloons do not have brakes and the momentum of traveling at 15 mph or more at flight altitude with surface winds at around 9 mph will mean that landing speeds will be in the 10-12 mph range, which exceeds our safety parameters.
  • You can view the raw data used for my weather forecast here: Flight Weather Briefing Data

Posted by Chief Pilot John Trione on 7/4/21 @ 2:52 am




  • “I couldn’t think of a more unique birthday gift to give to someone than a hot air balloon ride with John and his crew at the Lake Geneva Balloon Company.”

    Vicky, Debby & Susan, Waukesha
  • “The ride was breathtaking, and even though we were a little nervous at first, you set us right at ease at made it one of the most unique and awesome experiences of our lives!”

    Elizabeth & Eric (engaged on board!)
  • “Thanks for everything in making our 1st balloon ride a great success. We couldn’t have chosen a better pilot & crew for our 1st flight!!”

    Luanne & Dan, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania