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LGB Photo by Mark Russell



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John C. Trione Chief Pilot, Lake Geneva Balloon Co.

You never know what to expect when you get to town

When you are a traveling balloon pilot, you get used to showing up in cities hosting festivals and balloon races and meeting a sponsor and hopefully some local crew people to help you in a city with unfamiliar flying attributes. Sometimes you luck out and the sponsors and local crew are really into the event and helping out. Sometimes they don’t even show up and you’re left to fend for yourself and recruit your own crew for the duration of the event.

The Lake Geneva Balloon Co. traveled south to Lake Havasu City, AZ for The Havasu Balloon Fest Jan. 16 through Jan. 18, 2015. I went as the Pilot in Command and Mark Russell, a 15-year veteran Crew Chief tagged along to manage the crew.

Luckily for Mark and I, we were paired at The Havasu Balloon Fest with Mr. Bill Masche from Thunderbird Development as our sponsors. Bill, his son Bobby and the crew at Thunderbird came out and supported all 6 flights and our glow! They even brought out their families. What a wonderful time we had with these hard-working, but easy-going folks. It made our flights amongst the most enjoyable set of flights I’ve made in 17 years of competing at festivals around the country.

Balloon festivals count on the support of sponsors to pay the expenses of pilots and crews who bring their balloons into town. These expenses run into the thousands for each balloon that flies at a festival such as The Havasu Balloon Fest. Many times the businesses that support the festival are local, independent businesses that have long ties to the community.

In the case of Bill, he arrived in Havasu City when the population was 15,000. Served on the police force for over 27 years and now runs a successful firm building commercial and residential properties. He had never been around a balloon before, but after his first flight (taken somewhat reluctantly), he admitted that he loved flying in a balloon! He is already to commit for Havasu Balloon Fest 2016!

We’re so happy to have met Bill, his family and his crew at Thunderbird Development. We’re hoping that we’ve added a few new members to our crew and to the sport of hot air ballooning. It’s true that you never know who you’re going to meet when you get into a new town. Sometimes it becomes good friendship.

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