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First of all, welcome to our page. We are The Lake Geneva Balloon Company, and we’re sure you have some questions for us. Please see below for our list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our acquisition of Balloons Unlimited.

Why was I redirected to

After thirty-eight years, Pete Asp, founder of Balloons Unlimited, has retired from flying hot-air balloons commercially and sold his business to us, The Lake Geneva Balloon Company.

Who are you?

The Lake Geneva Balloon Company, owned by Chief Pilot John Trione, has been operating in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for fifteen years. To find out more about our company and/or John Trione, click here

Pete flew in Sullivan, WI. Will you be flying there too?

No. We will continue to fly in the beautiful Lake Geneva area.

I have a certificate to fly with Balloons Unlimited. Is it still valid?

Absolutely. As long as your certificate has not expired (see expiration date on your flight certificate), we welcome you to fly with our amazing crew. We have a database of all certificates sold by Balloons Unlimited, so we will have you on record. Please contact our customer service representative at 262-206-3975 to schedule your flight.  

I have additional questions regarding Balloons Unlimited. How can I get a hold of someone?

You can either call or email Alex, our assistant manager, using the information below.

Via Phone: 262-206-3975
Via Email: