Fedor Konyukhov Sets New World Record

Fedor KonyukhovWe previously wrote about Russian Adventurist Fedor Konyukhov roughly two weeks ago when he first launched his around-the-world attempt. If you have been following his adventure, you may have seen he not only broke the world record for a solo balloonist traversing the globe, but he broken Steve Fossett’s original record of 13 days by over 51 hours!

Total Time in the Air: 11 days 5 hours 11 minutes or 269 hours 11 minutes

Total Distance: 34,977.36 km or about 21734 miles

His Morton balloon is set to appear in a newly built museum in Moscow.

Congratulations, Konyukhov!


Ballooning in…Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately, the Milk

fortunately-the-milk-book-coverA majority of people know Neil Gaiman for his novel American Gods (a television adaptation is currently in production and scheduled to air on Starz in 2017) and his Vertigo comic book series Sandman (its own film adaptation halted somewhere in the nonsensical, bureaucratic muck). Dark, philosophical, and indubitably brilliant, these works will irrefutably stand the proverbial “test of time.” Because of the brooding tones and adult themes found throughout his bibliography, it’s no wonder so many raise a brow when introduced to his 2013 children’s book Fortunately, the Milk (HarperCollins).

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Hot-Air Balloonist Offers Pokémon Go Safari

12941473810010From kids and adults “[traveling] across the land, searching far and wide” with their phones clenched tightly in hand to the countless related memes clogging your Facebook feed, it’s safe to say Pokémon Go has taken over everyday life. And it has done so with a vengeance. This isn’t the first time the world so emphatically rallied around a piece of entertainment (i.e. Hello Kitty, Tickle Me Elmo, the Wii), but with the all-consuming presence of social media today, you’d be hard pressed to go a single day without hearing mention of Pokémon Go. And as of the beginning of this month, you could find them in hot-air balloons.  [Read more…]

Around the World in 13 Days: Fedor Konyukhov Attempts to Break Record in Hot-Air Balloon

(Photo Credit: Briana Shepherd, ABC News)

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Two days ago on July 12th, Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov launched an attempt to break the world record for circumventing the globe in a hot-air balloon.

After postponing last week due to unfavorable weather conditions, Konyukhov took off from Northam Airport in Northam, Australia in his new Roziere balloon, which uses both the technology of a hot-air and gas-powered (Helium) balloon. The flight path shows him scheduled to pass over Tasman Sea, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Chile, Argentina, Atlantic Ocean, South Africa, Indian Ocean, and land back in Australia. All of which is intended to take fewer than 13.5 days.

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Top Ten Ballooning Destinations in the U.S.


As the winds violently rocked the treetops and the sky glazed over in a soupy haze of gray, we at The Lake Geneva Balloon Company watched as a storm spanning across half a dozen Midwestern states passed through our home. After eleven flights in six days, lingering strong winds and sporadic weather systems trailing the strong storm have grounded us for the next couple of days. While our area desperately needs the rain and the crew deserves a well-earned siesta, we can’t help but find ourselves staring longingly out our windows like Sally and her brother from Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, wishing for that ballooning sweet spot. Because no matter how many times we fly, our addiction has us craving more of that delicious thrill among the clouds. Alas, we cannot fight Mother Nature, and we must play by her rules; no matter how cruel they may seem.

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