About Us

On June 27th 1997, Owner and Chief Pilot, John Trione, ascended the skies for the very first time in a hot air balloon. He was so taken with the beauty and fun of a balloon flight, that it became his professional mission to offer the finest ballooning experience in the Geneva Lakes area.

John C. Trione Chief Pilot/Owner
John C. Trione
Chief Pilot/Owner

He spent the better part of the next 18 months training to fly balloons. After receiving his Private Pilot’s Certificate for Hot Air Balloons from the FAA, John jumped on the balloon racing circuit and travelled the midwest sharpening his flying skills while flying with and against some of the best pilots in the country.

John received his Commercial Pilot’s Certificate for Hot Air Balloons in July of 2000 and was immediately hired by a local balloon ride operation flying 6-passenger and 12-passenger balloons. He spent the next two summers learning the commercial balloon ride business.

In 2002, The Lake Geneva Balloon Co., LLC took flight. Through the years, our perfect safety record and unparalleled personalized attention to thousands of guests have made The Lake Geneva Balloon Company a highly respected and valued member of the tourist community in the Geneva Lakes area. John has more experience flying balloons over the Geneva Lakes area than any other pilot. When picking your company and pilot for your excursion, experience counts!

We invite you to come and join us! The view is breathtaking and the memories last a lifetime… we know you’ve always wanted to do it! So give us a call at 262.206.3975. We’re waiting to serve you.